Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Craftistic Christmas

Well, another wonderful Christmas is in the books. As always there was too much food, too many generous gifts and a barrel of wonderful laughs. Before the festivities began there was a ton of work that went into getting ready. This is almost the best part for me all the planning, baking, gluing, wrapping. I love it. So below are a few of the things that I put together.

Cards, this year I tried to simplify. It never works. I still ended up with 4 card designs! I know – maybe I should have just picked one, but I was having way too much fun! Below is my favorite of the group.

This was my favorite!

This year I tried something new with the kids’ gifts, and I think that I worked out pretty good. Instead of making gift tags for all of their gifts (really, I know, but I do – I just hate the ones from the store). I decided that they would all get bags, with their names on them, and then I would wrap all the presents and put each in the corresponding bags. Much easier, you do need to do one child at time to stay organized though. This definitely something I will be doing again!

How cute is the girl modeling the bag?

The ghost of Christmas past….I saw this under my Mom & Dad’s tree when I got there on Friday, I thought that this bag was gone, it was one of the bags I made like three years ago, I wish someone would give me a present in it I would throw it away!

Where do I start with this?

All in the family, this is a tree skirt that my big sister, Denise made for me this year. It’s great I love it!

Love it when everyone gets into the crafting!

The next generation....all of my nieces and nephews are extremely talented in many diverse ways. I am however trying to encourage my niece Dana to embrace her ‘crafty’ side. This is picture of her – after making her first card, about an hour after she opened her gift!

Complete with Marshmallow gun, and her sister's sock!

Hope your Holidays were as wonderful as ours, Hope that there are many more to come....



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