Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend..

So I know everyone has been waiting to hear how are Thanksgiving weekend was (I'm totally kidding), but it was pretty unremarkable.   No really major incidents.   We headed to Ohio where we enjoyed some yummy Pizza Wheel pizza (to quote Jeff - how do people know where this is?  Me - We just know).  Then spent some quality time with my sister and my nieces. 

Thursday I decided that I would make a centerpiece from things I found in the yard, boy did that make my Dad grumble (you are going to put leaves from the yard on the table?). I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful leaves, and branches, I even stole one of my Mom's Halloween pumpkins.  The table looked wonderful, and the meal was do die for.  My Mom cooks a mean turkey.

How pretty is that?
 On Friday we did alittle shopping, but was brutally cold.  My big scores of the day were at Target, lots of Christmas presents for the kiddos, and some new sheets and pillows for Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Jeff.  Then we headed back to my parents for breakfast and a nap!

Saturday was the big OSU/Michigan football game, it was ice to watch it with my parents.  Everything was fine until half time.  That's when Grandpa came down with flu.  All and all, 6 people were sick, Jeff included (that was an awesome ride home on Sunday) - Mom and I had dinner together alone in her kitchen while everyone else was sleeping in the living room.  It was the most enjoyable meal I had all weekend.

Lots more to come this week, working on my favorite things blog, take that Oprah!

Have a great week!


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