Thursday, December 9, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Like Oprah I feel it is completely necessary that I share my favorite things with the world, although I’m not sure people will care about mine as much as they care about hers. Unlike Oprah, I will not be giving one of everything to my studio audience. For two reasons mostly, I do not have a studio audience, and these companies are not giving me anything for free (at least not yet!). So here it goes, you will notice, that based on my list and her list, Oprah and I have little in common, mostly due to the fact she has way more money than I do!

Sweet Leaf Tea – in one word “Yum” I discovered this about a month or so back at Potbelly. At the time I was trying to give up soda pop (I’m still trying) and so I was looking for alternative. It is so good, it’s green tea with spearmint and honey is my favorite. On the inside of the each cap is a ‘Grannyism’ my favorite so far is #30 “MIND YOUR OWN BEESWAX”. So far I’m spotted these delicious teas at Potbelly, CVS and Target. But I’m sure they are all over the place.  Oh, and it's organic, a bonus!

See my awesome shark pencil holder in the background?

Taco Bell Cheese Roll-Ups – have been making a ‘at home’ version of these for years. All it is cheese melted and wrapped in a flour tortilla. Simple, cheap (79 cents), and portable. It is the perfect treat while you are out running errands. In case you are wondering, the at home version contains diced tomatoes and sour cream. Always have to upgrade don’t I?

RCA Portable DVD player – how in the world did I make it this long without you? We are now inseparable and I’m burning through the Netflix DVD’s at a maddening place. It is going to be great for car trips, although so far I’ve only used it to sit on the sofa with my sweetie and watch a movie while he watches whatever poker game or NFL game (I am truly only interested in the following NFL teams; Steelers (Big Ben), the Browns (home town allegiance), and the Colts (Peyton Manning)) I don’t want to watch. I’m flirting with the idea of taking you on the train, but I’m afraid I will miss my stop and end up in Wisconsin.

Netflix  – I’ve been a big fan for the last couple of years, and with the expectation of the recent price increase that caused me to drop my number of at home DVD’s from three to one (really, $19.99 for three DVD’s at once, steep considering that most of the movies I want to see I cannot get until about a month after they release due to the deals Netflix has made with the studios, I have seen most of the movies by then via On-Demand). But I really love that I can stream some movies and TV shows through the Wii. I have spent many nights catching up on TV shows I wanted to watch but never had the time for. I wonder if that is good or bad. By the way, this was one of Oprah’s favorite things too, so we do have things in common.

McCormick Recipe Inspirations – when I first saw these in the store (they are seasoning packets), I thought, who would buy these, I have all these seasonings and spices at home. Turns out I was totally over estimating the amount of spices and seasonings I have at home. So now I understand the marketing genius behind this. One day I was at the store, and I was looking for something to go with shrimp, since I had some at home and I was totally tired of my awesome shrimp stir-fry, and I came across this packet for the Shrimp & Pasta Primavera, and it was easy and so good. The recipe comes with all the spices you need, it was super easy and very fast. I would even recommend it for a weeknight dinner. The next one I’m going to try is the Caribbean Grilled Steak. They have inspirations for all different kinds of meats and I fully plan on working my way through all of them.

**Right now they are running a Sweepstakes, you could win, $$, spices, even a KitchenAid mixer.

Of course, there are a million other things that I consider my favorites, little things that make my days good smoothly, and more importantly keep me entertained. But these are currently on top of the list. I’d better post this before that changes!

Go forth and enjoy!  Is it terrible that most of these things are food??


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