Monday, March 3, 2014

Tray Table Re-Do

Confession time. 

My husband and I are terrible when it comes to dinner time.

We eat in front of the tv, a lot, like every night a lot.

Now we have a tv in our kitchen, but it doesn't have a DVR, so when we are trying to catch up on a show we typically end up in our living room.  We also tend to lend towards the living room when we are watching sports, and since that ends up being 3-4 nights/days a week, we eat in our living room a lot.

And that was fine, until we got our new couch.  We love, it is  just one of those that engulfs you ad you ca't (or I can't) reach anything when I am sitting on it.  Over the past couple of months I have been toying around with getting some tray tables for us to use, and I haven't really seen anything that I liked.  Everything was so plain and really we only needed one since Hubs uses the ottoman for his dinner table.

Yesterday, I needed alittle down-time.  I needed to kinda leave the week behind and do my thing.  Which always leads to what I like to call 'treasure hunting' which yesterday lead to me finding this.

As you can tell from the picture it needed alitte TLC.

I got right to work, it is a good thing that I have alot of supplies around the house.

Seriously, I only needed the contact paper.  I know I have a problem!!

My first step was clean it up.

Next I added the first coat of brown paint.  I let that dry and then I added another.  Followed up by 2 coats of seal.

I measured the top and then cut the contact paper to fit.

Secure the contact paper to the top and it's done!

We totally started using it right away!

Have you ever re-purposed one our treasures?  I love to hear stores of bring new life to forgotten about items.  Tell me your success stories!


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  1. Did you also make the legs for the table? This is really freaking awesome, and I love that you used contact paper which is fairly cheap and comes in a variety of styles. Now, can you find a way to make cup holders for the middle of the couch? :)


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