Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Wedding Trends for 2017

Welcome 2017!  Wow, those last couple of weeks for 2016 were something weren't they?  Well, vacations are over, time to throw out the leftovers and get down to business this year.

We want to talk today are trends we will see in weddings this year.


My favorite subject.  Cakes are trending back to the big tall cakes of the past, with a bit of a twist,  white layers will be paired with metallic layers that give a dramatic display.  They are beautiful, almost too good to eat!

The other big trend is to move away from the candy and sweet tables and move towards sweets stations!  Think a station for pie, and a station for cookies (maybe one for ice cream).  Move away from the make your own Smores bars and decorate your own cupcake stations.  People want to pick up there desserts and dance away!  Now if we could just get chocolate fountains to make a come back, I will be too happy for words!

Hanging Centerpieces

I love these.  I truly do.  They are lush centerpieces of greenery, flowers and light that hang down over the tables at reception.  While I'm not completely sure how this trend is will translate in a larger ballroom with high ceilings, but these work wonderfully in small halls, and backyard weddings.


Custom pairings are going to big for cocktail hours this year.  Think small glasses of beer passed with tiny sliders, or min-margaritas with small tacos.  These are unique and will keep your guests talking all through the night.


Pink is back!  Woot Woot!!!  I think that is all that I need to say, pink makes a great accent color.

I have gather up several examples of these trends on my 2017 Wedding Trends board.

CW - 2017

Happy Planning!


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