Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Entertainment: DJ vs Band

How could this not want you to have a Wedding band?
***Disclaimer:  I have never been to a Wedding that had a band.  I know, sad.  I have been to other events with bands and I think they are great.   

But they really do get the party started.

Factors to Consider:

How much room do you have?   
Are there enough outlets?

Your venue coordinator should be able to answer these concerns.  They will be able to tell you how well it works with the space.

While there is not much that is unique about having a DJ, a band will cost about 3 times the price of one.

If you decide on a band...

Make sure you hear them live.  Audition tapes are edited.
Make sure they are willing to learn new material in case you have a special first song.
Ask about a cancellation policy.  What will they do for you if they cannot make it?
Talk to them about "Key People" - say they have a rocking singer, do they guarantee them for your date?

Questions to Ask for either....

Can you make a playlist?  What about a do not play list?
References, and check them.
Cancellation Policy.  If you go with a large DJ company, they probably have a back up.
Lighting?  What lighting do they bring with them, or what do they require?
How many hours do they provide for a standard fee?  Overtime Charges?
Will they be the "Master of Ceremony" - introduce the first dance, etc...
Do they have any equipment requirements they need you to handle?

This will get you started.

Happy Planning!


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