Saturday, May 20, 2017

How to Use Customized Stamps for your Wedding

With everyone looking to customize their weddings, a customized stamp is a great way to help carry your theme throughout your Wedding.   They are easy to use and make your DIY projects easy as pie. They can be used from your the save the dates, to your final Thank you notes.  

These are perfect for welcome bags.

Customized Water Bottles

Favor Bags

Thank you Notes.

There are 100 ways to use these in your projects.  They cost anywhere from $10-$40 depending on the design.  I would suggest going with a rubber stamp as opposed to a self-inking stamp, so that you can change the colors that you use easier.

Happy Planning!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ask CW: Engagement Parties

Lots of Engagement Party questions.

Dear CW

My parents would like to throw my fiancee and I an engagement party.  I have never been to one, so I am not sure of how it should be done, or who should be invited.  Also, what do you do an engagement party?

~Not Sure Where to Start


Relax.  Engagement parties are easy to plan.  First of all you should work with your parents to create a guest list.  There is only one rule, do not invite anyone to party that will not be invited to the Wedding.  Talk to your parents about the size that you both are comfortable with.  It can also be as formal or in-formal as you like, cocktail party to backyard bbq.  As far as what happens at a engagement party, there is alot of mingling, and toasts to the happy couple.  Make sure to toast your parents to thank them.

Dear CW

My husband and I have just been invited to a dear friend's daughter's engagement party.  It is going to be a cocktail party at a local country club.  Do we bring a gift, or just offer our congratulations to the couple?

~Gift or No Gift

Dear GNG

Gifts are not expected (or should not be) expected at an engagement party.  A nice card, and face to face congratulations are all that are required.

Dear CW

I am getting remarried in the fall.  My sister would like to host a garden engagement party for us this summer.  Is this appropriate?

~Second Time Around

Dear STA

It is absolutely appropriate.  It's a wonderful way for you to the jitters out about having a second Wedding while celebrating with family and friends.

A couple of side notes:

~While most guests will not bring a gift to the engagement party, some will, these should be followed up with a in person Thank you at the event and a handwritten Thank you after.

~Engagement parties are not mandatory Wedding events, and most couples do not even have one.  Don't stress out if no one plans one for you.  Your Wedding is not ruined.

~Just as presents are not necessary, favors are not necessary for guests either.  Although, it would be fun to give them a hint about the Wedding theme/location.

More questions.  Drop me a email or a tweet (@cyndic88) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Planning!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Grooms - How to Surprise Your Bride on Your Big Day

Most Grooms, remember I said most, have no idea what the flowers are going to look like or who is seated at what table (or why) on their Wedding days.  They don't dream of how their Wedding will be the biggest day or their lives or the perfect dress.  But, your Bride does.

The day of your Wedding, she will be nervous.  Will my hair turn right, will it rain?  So many what if's and hope not's running through her head.  Let's throw in some surprises to make her day even more special.

Send Her Breakfast

Whether she is staying at a hotel or with her parents, order her favorite breakfast.  This will make sure that she eats, and will start her day off right.

Pay for the Hair and Makeup

Reach out to her beauty team a couple of weeks before the wedding and give them a credit card.  Tell them to surprise her when she goes to pay the bill.

Send Her a Note

Romantic.  Simple.  Write her a note telling her how this the best day of your life and how you cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle.  Send it one your guys to the room where they are getting ready, you can add a small gift.  But the note is what she will remember.

Toast Her

Talk to the DJ or the Wedding Planner and have them set aside some time during the toasts or maybe right before you cut the cake where you toast her.  Thank her for what she means to you and all the hard work she put in to make sure you had the best first day of the rest of your lives.

Plan a Secret Honeymoon

Plan a honeymoon that she doesn't know about.  Tell her what to pack and then on the way to the airport let her in on the surprise.  Another great trick is upgrade your tickets from coach to first class.

These things will not be meant with anxious, nervous yelling or crying they will all be appreciated and you will be the hero.

Happy Planning

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Graduation Parties Made Easy

Spring is a busy time of year.  Mother's Day, Graduations, Father's Day, and Weddings.  

Here is out guide to make planning that graduation party planning alittle easier on you.

Where to have it?

Typically it is easier to hold these parties at home.  Alot of times graduation parties are more like open houses, since there a couple hundred of them going on around the same time.  The backyard is a great place to house this, add a tent and some tables are you are ready to go.

When should it be?

Since graduations are typically head on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, think about having it on the alternate day  (so Saturday if on the graduation is on Sunday).  It is perfectly acceptable to hold it the day before, or even the weekend after.  I would caution against having it right after the ceremony.  That is a time for family to celebrate with a special dinner.  Try to gauge when others are holding their parties and find a day that is not packed with other events.

What to serve?

Graduation parties are all about the mingling so I always suggest finger foods, or foods that can be eaten by hand.  You don't need to worry about serving a whole meal, it is likely that your guests will probably have another party to go to.  Make it easier on yourself and order the veggie and cheese trays.  Think about wraps, and sliders.  Use paper products to make clean up easier.  


The theme of this party is easy.  Your graduate!  Decorate in the colors of their school.  Complete the decorations with pictures and symbols (certificates, medals) of their achievements.     Below are the decorations my sister (and nephew) designed at made for his party!

Think Outside of the Box

Surprise your grad with a food truck to feed their friends.  Although this is not cheap (typically this will start at $600 - $1500 depending on the menu), it will score you big points!

Create a photo booth for the party.  It's easy.  Hang up a plastic tablecloth (you can find these at the party supply store, or even the dollar store), and then put out a selection of silly hats, sunglasses are feather boas.  They will have a blast taking pictures and sharing them.

Good Luck and Happy Planning!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Survive Your Bridal Shower

Let's talk alittle etiquette today.

Some of us are more comfortable being behind the scenes and not out in front of the camera.  This can make your Bridal Shower terrifying.  Others dread making conversation with people they see on the Holidays and feel like they don't have much in common with.  This will help you to survive your bridal shower regardless of what group you fit into, and even if you are somewhere in the middle.

The history of bridal showers are to prepare a young woman, leaving her parents house, to be a good wife.  Stock her up on kitchen appliances and bath towels if you will.  Well, times have changed.  Many brides (myself included when I was one) thought that it was selfish to have a bridal shower.  I was older, I had established a home many years before, and I had bath towels (I probably still have some of them!).  My mother had a good point.  This a way for the all the females in your life to get together and celebrate your marriage.  I was in.  At that point I wasn't so focused on what I was getting, but what I would be getting out of it.  So my first point is RELAX, this is supposed to be fun.

Who should come?  Whoever you want, as long as they are invited to the Wedding.  No one should be invited to the shower if they are not invited to the Wedding.  Give your Bridal Party a list (with addresses) of who you want to be invited.

What to wear.  Some points to consider is the venue, if it is themed and the season.  Also, keep in mind, showers are typically decorated in the colors of the wedding, so wear something color compatible.  Wear something comfortable, because depending on the size of the shower, you will be sitting in front of everyone (sorry, I don't mean to freak you out) opening presents for while.  So wear something comfortable.

Take a ton of pictures with people.  Create a #hashtag.  Flood Instagram and Facebook.

Smile.  Alot.  Even if you are uncomfortable.  Smile.

Develop some conversation starters.  For instance, Aunt Sally do you remember that lemon cake that Grandma used to make?  Do you have the recipe?  Others.  Thank you so much, how was your trip?  How are your child/grandchildren?  Talk about the weather.

tOpen your presents.  There was a trend for awhile where people didn't open their presents.  People want to see you open the present that they picked out for you.  Make the paper plate bouquet.  I know it's super corny, but you will be glad you did it.

Say THANK YOU alot.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for the homemade tea towels.  Thank you, it really means alot to me that you could come.

Play the games.  I know, play the games.

If you need a minute, take a minute.  If you find yourself getting overwhelmed simply excuse yourself, and walk down the hall, hide in it a bedroom.  Take some deep breaths, and sneak back in.

Couple of quick other things.

- Do Not have your guests address their own Thank you notes.  I hate this and I don't fill them out when I am asked.  I went and picked out a present for you, you can write my address.

-Thank everyone again as they walk out the door.  Hug them.

-If your Bridal Party is not the host, say your Aunt throws the party, send her flowers the following week to Thank (are you sensing a theme yet) her for her kindness.