Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Host a Couples Shower

I love the idea of a couples shower.  It's like a more relaxed version of an engagement party.  A chance for family and friends to get together with no pressure.

Who should Host?

The obvious answer is the bridal party.  All of the bridal party, groomsmen included.  This will be a fun way for the bridal party to get to know each other and bond over the planning.  The maid of honor (MOH) and the Best Man (BM) should take the lead, but tasks (and costs) should be spread out over the entire group.

Who to Invite?

Friends and families.  It doesn't have to be all couples, but if you invite singles, make sure that you '& guest' their invite.  Remember the rule of thumb, do not invite anyone who will not be invited to the wedding.  Always consult the bride and groom before finalizing the guest list.

Invitations should be mailed, digital reminders can be sent a week before.  Do not post it on the wedding website or Facebook page unless you have invited everyone on the wedding guest list.  Invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks before the event.

When to Have it?

Typically couples showers are held on Saturday night.  But, with any shower it can be held in the afternoon.  Actually, it might be better in the afternoon, especially if it being held during a popular sporting event.  It would be fun to set-up a TV and let the conversations naturally flow.  Planning it at least 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

What to Serve?

The easiest idea is to host a good old fashion bbq.  No fuss, paper plates, easy clean up.  Put the men in charge of organizing the grills, and then manning them.  They should also be in charge of bar, task them with developing a themed drink, which will help you keep the costs down.


For this type of shower, with the bride and groom's approval, it is completely acceptable to state on the invitation "No Gifts Please" - if they do want gifts that is appropriate to.  If that is the case gifts should be opened in front of the guests.


Yes!  Divide into teams boys vs girls teams if you have some singles that are attending and go old school.  Think water balloon toss, three legged races.  The games don't have to be traditional, although how much fun would it be to watch the men put together wedding dresses out of toilet paper?  I'm just saying...

Theme Ideas

-Theme/Colors of the Wedding
-Stock the Bar (everyone brings a bottle)
-Fill the Garage (everyone brings a tool)

Please do not do the following:

-make it a potluck
-ask the guest to write their address on a envelope for the Thank you note
-send out a Facebook invite

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Personalized Favors

I remember when I was alittle kid I remember my favorite thing about going to a Wedding was collecting all the napkins, and matchbooks with the couple's name embossed in silver on them.  They were so fancy to me.  I couldn't wait to get married and order them for my own Wedding, funny thing is that I didn't order a single thing like that.

When it comes to Weddings, you can order just about anything personalized with your initials, name and date.  As a planner I have come to realize what a complete waste of money these items are.  Sure you need to have some favors, and it is nice if they have your name and wedding date on them, but you don't need napkins, matchbooks/notebooks, and favors.  It's a bit much.

Let's think about this 2 ways, one in terms of budget and one in terms of style.  Let's take napkins. Personalized napkins range anywhere from $26.00 - 50.00/per 100 napkins.  If you have 200 people attending your wedding, assume 2 per person.  That is $104 to $200 for throw away napkins.  That is money better spent towards flowers, or food.  In terms of style, everyone has a vision for their wedding, do 1980's style napkins fit with your vision or would plain (in the color of your wedding) work?

Personalized Keepsakes

There are also so many keepsake items meant for the bride and groom.  Everything from champagne flutes to cake cutting sets.  Do not waste your money.  Think about when or where you would ever use these items again?  When you are registering, register for a very nice plain set of champagne flutes and a cake cutting set.  Decorate (or ask your florist too) with simple ribbon and ask your wedding planner (or the venue wedding planner) to make sure that these are put back with the items you will take home with you at the end of the day (don't worry, they will be happy to do it).  The bottom line is that each time you use those flutes or the cake set you will remember that they were from your wedding, and the best part, you have added another $100 bucks back into your budget.

Your wedding budget is just like your household budget, every little place that you can save a couple of hundred bucks is huge.  It is always amazing at how quickly costs add up for wedding, and that money will be better spent somewhere else.

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let the Groom Help?!?

This is my Groom, isn't he handsome?  How lucky am I?  Right.  Great Husband.  Terrible Wedding Planner.  It's not like he didn't care or didn't want to be a part of it, it was just not something that wasn't in his comfort zone.  He was great with do you like this entree or that entree.  He picked the venue, and hotel.  I used him like a sounding board (oh, and a checkbook too!)

Planning a Wedding is not for everyone.  With busy lives, and the stress and events that a Wedding and impending new Marriage brings up, it just seems like there is not enough time to get it done.  A bride could use some help.  I think it is great that more grooms are getting involved with the planning process.  As with everything the more cooks that you get in the kitchen, the more likely dinner is going to be a mess.

That is not to say that they cannot be a help to you.  So, before you have a Groomzilla on your hand, let's figure out a plan for getting the busy Bride alittle help.

What to do Together:  Big Tasks

Pick your venues
Pick your date
Decide on colors
Honeymoon location

Let Him Help with:

Honeymoon Details
Bar Menu

I never expect that Bride would make big Wedding decisions without talking to the Groom and the same rules in reverse.  Working together is the best thing that a couple can do, it really helps you understand how you work as a team.

Regardless of who does the majority of planning the big key to a successful Wedding and then Marriage is to support each other through the process!

Happy Planning!