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How to Grocery Shop During a Pandemic

Hasn't the grocery store been fun the past few weeks?

I don't know about you, but I really used to enjoy going to the grocery store.  Trust me, I understand that I am in the minority on that.  I would up and down the aisle looking for new stuff to try & crazy ingredients for my next culinary adventure.

Those days are over for awhile.  Now, it's get in, get what you need, don't touch anything you don't have (including your face), and get out.  It is hard, you have to be super organized and even then when your panic brain sets in you are bound to forget something, I get it.

I thought that I would share some of my tips that have been helping me get through.

Pantry/Freezer Deep Dive

Spend a morning going through your pantry/freezer and make a list.  Anything you will need in the next 2 weeks, put in your list.  This will limit the amount of trips.

Going into the Store

1. Make (and Take) your list.
2. Leave your phone in car.  Only take your credit card, leave your p…

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