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Stop the Meal Planning Struggle

Meal planning is the worst isn't it?  Week after week, trying to figure out what to make, how to stay on budget, and feeding everyone before 8 at night.  I mean, it gets old.  Maybe this why these meal planning deliver services are so popular (do not get me started on those..)  
Let's start with some basics.  
Pick a day of the week to plan meals for the coming week.  I do mine on Thursday nights because I do my grocery shopping on Fridays on the way home from work (it is the best, no one is there, they have actual fun these to do).  Make your grocery list at the same time.
How many nights do you need to plan for?  Are there nights where they are at practice or client meetings where you will not have a full house for dinner?  My advice, plan leftovers for those nights, or order a pizza.  
While we are talking about leftovers, plan for one night to be a complete leftover night.  Heat up everything, put in the kitchen counter, let everyone full their plates and then meet up at …

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