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We are so happy to announce the launch of Homemade.  This is a line of hand crafted items that are great to give as gifts or as a gift to yourself.  We were hoping that 2020 would be the year that we launched the line in person in local craft shows.  However, as we know, this has been a year that has not gone as planned, so we have decided to launch on-line.

We are so excited about our line of scarves, we think that scarves are going to be big this winter, especially long ones that might be used as a convenient face covering for quick trips.  

In addition to the stock items that we are offering, we also customized items.  We can customize scarves by colors, and size.  We are also happy to customize the wine glasses and wine bags by color and design.  

Handmade so you don't have to.We feel like scarves are going to be big this year.  Give the gift of a homemade one.  Don't worry we won't tell if you don't. Scarves are $20/each and if you order more than one the price drops…

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