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Christmas In August

Christmas 2019 was a hot mess at our house last year.  We had just moved, we had just lost our 16 year old cat, and I honestly we were in no mood to celebrate.  Sure, we went through the motions, but we did not decorate our house, we didn't even put up a tree (mostly because we didn't like our tree and get rid of it before the move).  We did however manage to put up a snowman in the front yard.

I vowed this year would be different, we would have the happiest Christmas ever.  The plan was to get a new tree, string lights up in the front yard, and bake until I could not bake anymore.  This just wasn't the plan for Christmas, this was going to be every Holiday this year.
Then 2020 laughed.
We are left with no clue as to how the Holidays will be celebrated this year? 
Will there be trick or treating?
Will it be safe to travel in December?
Who knows.
That is why, in a effort to get back to normal alittle bit, I am going to start preparing for the Holidays.  Also, I am still going to g…

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