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The Great British Baking Show Viewing Guide

 Over the past couple of weeks I have been catching up on The Great British Baking Show, all the seasons are on Netflix.  I seem to be watching them in reverse order, starting with the latest season and working my way back.  I am not sure what it is about that show but I love it.  I love all the crazy looking things they make, it is also inspiring me alittle bit in the kitchen.  

It can however be alittle it confusing.  I thought that I would put together a viewing a guide, that includes a vocabulary section.

How it works.

It starts with 12 contestants.  Each week one will get eliminated.

Every week (episode) has a different theme.  Mostly, it's bread or cake.  Sometimes it is so way out like vegetarian of Italian week. 

There are 3 rounds or 'bakes' every week.

Signature: based on the theme of the week, they bake something they designed and have been able to practice all week.

Technical:  They don't know what this one will be.  The judges assign it and contestants are given a recipe with amounts and steps missing.

Showstopper: Also based on the theme of the week, again the contestants are allowed to design and practice the bake.

Let's talk about the judges.  

Paul Hollywood, I don't know if that is his real name, and he appears to get some satisfaction from making the contestants squirm.  But, then sometimes he hugs them.  He's kinda hard to read, but so far he is my favorite.

Prue Leith, I really don't like her.  I was with her until she claimed that the prop chocolate babka that they baked, was better than one she had in NYC. Doubtful.  Then she said that if cannoli a contestant made was available on the streets in Sicily she would be happy.  I question her judging ability. 

I cannot wait to get to the Mary Berry seasons.  More to come.

The Hosts.

Noel and Sandi are my favorite.  Still unsure about Matt.  I understand earlier episodes have different hosts, so I will update you when I get there.


Stody:  heavy, rich texture

Sponge: a very light cake

Genoise Sponge: a very light cake as well, used in layer cakes

cornflour: cornstarch

rough puff: puff pastry, make with small pieces of butter

Italian meringue: dense meringue, alittle sweeter, used in frosting

dodgy: low quality 

proving: proofing the dough, 

choux buns: very similar to cream puffs

caster sugar: powdered sugar 

baking paper: parchment 

strong flour: bread flour

The further I get into the more I will add to this post.  If I missed something, let me know I will update it!



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