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I Want to Love My Ninja Foodi

  I want to love my Ninja Foodi, I really do.

I see all of these things that people make, and I think I can do that.

Then I read the recipe and I think, I should just do this in the oven or on the stovetop.

For example, we have been a baked potato kick lately at my house and I thought, I bet I can do this in the Ninja.  I looked it up and realized that in the same amount of time I could do them in the oven.  Also, the oven method requires zero clean up.  

Why would I use the Ninja?

Here is my other complaint.  I have tried a couple of times to cook frozen chicken breasts so that I could shred them and make a potpie or a casserole.  The chicken comes out either raw in the middle or tough and dry, no in between.  It's very frustrating, so I just plan and throw in the crockpot, where I know it will come out like I want it to.

The only thing that has worked consistently, is my potatoes and hard boiled eggs for potato salad.  I have a $200 potato salad maker.

Please help me!  Send me your favorite recipes and I will put together a few posts showing everyone how to love their Ninja.  Send them to me at or drop me a line on Facebook.



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