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How to Contact your elected officials

 Since Wednesday we have all had very very strong opinions.

Here is the deal, if you follow me on Twitter (@cyndic88) you know what I think.

This post is not about picking a side or expressing my opinion. 

It's about how you feel and letting your elected officials know what where you stand.

Also, how you do that.  

You call them, and/or you can email them.

Social media has been blowing up since Wednesday, there is no way that you tweet or facebook post will get to them.

Let's say you don't know who or how to contact them. has you covered.

I am of the opinion that you can contact any member of Congress that you want to.  You may on have directly voted (or not voted for them) but they still represent you.  Especially if they hold a leadership position.

Here are some of my tips:

Start off strong.  I am a constituent of the district that you represent. 

**if you are not a constituent, start off with, "I am contacting you as a United States Citizen of which you represent as a member of Congress"

Express your feelings.  I suggest starting with that section with "The events in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6th have effected me in the following ways...."

**If they have done something in the public forum that has upset you, this where you describe that action, how declare your support or lack of support. 

Tell them what you want them to do.  Be polite, but really outline it for them what you expect.

Remind them you are watching their actions on the floor, in the votes, on their social media and their public comments.

When you call them.  You will get a staff member, tell them you are a constituent and you would like to speak to XX regarding the events of Wednesday, January 6th.  They will ask you to leave a message.  Be prepared (write it out) with what you want to say.

I know that everyone is upset.  Honestly, that needs to be channeled into action.  But, it needs to be done in a constructive manner.   Choose your words wisely, be polite (it's the more flies with honey theory), and do not be afraid to tell them how you feel.

I will leave you with one last thought.  If your elected officials have issued statements and you agree with their positions.  Send them a letter of support, this is just as important as if you disagree with their position.

Also, yes you can contact the Vice-President.  Here is how, his email is not really floating about.  But this page will give you a physical address, and more importantly a phone number.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know at



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