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What I am keeping from the Pandemic

It has been a long couple of years my friends.

Twists and Turns, Ups and Downs.

I am not sure our lives will ever be what they were, but gradually we are all trying to get back to 'normal' if we even know what that means.  Every person, every family has to make the decision based on what they are comfortable with.  As I have said for 2 years, who we to judge what makes someone else comfortable?

I have picked up some habits that I am keeping.  I always thought my life was 'too much' before.  I was always running from here to there, we need this, we have to that.  We used the pandemic to simplify.

A few months before the pandemic started, I was in the car for 2 hours a day.  We had just moved into our new house, and it was far (especially in the winter) from my house.  One hour each way.  Looking for ways to put some more time into my schedule, I started doing grocery pickup.  Now, let me say this, there have been alot of improvements to the grocery pickup process since March of 2020, but even back then I loved it.  It keeps me focused on what we need,  I can add stuff while I am working in the kitchen and it keeps me on budget.  The problem started when everyone started to use it.  Instead of taking 20 minutes to swing by the store and have my groceries loaded up, it was taking 45 minutes to an hour.  I know, but I could have shopped in that amount of time, so it defeated the whole purpose.  

Now I have my groceries delivered.  I am not ashamed.  I love putting away my groceries in my jammies on a Saturday morning (especially in the winter) and still have all the perks.  Does it cost alittle more, yes it does, but for me the convivence and time back in my schedule it is worth it. 

 I talked earlier about how we used the pandemic to simplify.  No longer I am stopping every night on the way home for this or that.  Do we really need it?  Is there something we can use instead?  Do we have to grape jelly with breakfast or will the strawberry we have work?  When you can't run to the store every night, it really makes you think about why you did it anyway.  Not every dinner needs to be perfect.  I could just wear one of the 5 other pairs of black shoes I have instead of stopping to see what they have at TJ Maxx.  This brought up alot of "you don't have to be perfect" feelings for me, who would have guessed?  Honestly, it's freeing.  I was never perfect all the time anyway and then I would just feel bad about myself and now, there are days it creeps back in, but I feel much better about myself.

Keeping it simple.

That is the main thing that I am keeping from the pandemic.  




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