Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where you should register for your wedding

Last week we covered what you should register for, this week we will cover where you should register.  Almost every big box store and department store offers a service that will allow you to register for gifts.

Where to start. 

How many places do you want to register at?  I recommend 2. 

Do your guests have access to these stores?  I know that everyone has access to the internet, but some people are not comfortable with that, especially if they are buying a last minute present.

Compare the Stores.

I always recommend that you compare the stores for items that you are looking for.  Target and Kohl's have great everyday choices.  Along with kitchen items and dishes, you can register for bed and bath items and also home décor (not to mention vacuum cleaners and grills!)  The items are responsible priced and they have a lot of different options.

If you are looking to stock your kitchen, I would head over to Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma.  Items at each of these stores is alittle more expensive, but is very high quality.  I am always alitte disappointed in the dishware options at Williams and Sonoma, but it is a great place for appliances.  I like Crate & Barrel because of their color palate, we registered there and we able to get several serving platters and bowls that we have been able to mix and matches with the dishes that we had prior to getting married as well as our new dishes.

I am just going to say it.  I am not a fan of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I think it's because they have so much in that store, but nothing that I would actually buy for a shower gift.  There are so many other great options, that this should be a last option for your registry.

Department stores.  Sigh.. It's not 1965.  If you want to register for china and 1,000 count sheets, this is your place.  But, these days I don't know how many crystal vases or candy bowls one couple needs.

Today registering is easier than ever.  Stores offer consultants and parties where you can mingle with our couples while you scan away with your little scanner guns.  Most stores have apps that help you manage your registry from your phone. 

Look for the benefits that each store offers.  Many offer you a percentage off on items you didn't receive when you go into the store to close your registry out (bring your gift cards!) Be aware that a lot of the department stores only have these offers for couples who apply for a store card.

This is one of the fun parts of planning your wedding.  Have fun with it!

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a note!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to plan your Wedding Registry

Like many ladies my age, I didn't decide to get married until I was in my thirties (I know, the horror, right?) anyway, I was concerned about creating a registry.  I had lived on my own (and with Hubs) for many years and I didn't need towels, or pans, and I had absolutely no need for china.  So, I did what every Bride does, I called my Mom.  She convinced me that I had every right to register for items for the showers and the Wedding, and if I didn't give people ideas, lord knows what I would end up with.  As always, she was right.

So, I made a list.  Items that needed replaced, maybe it was time to have a set of dishes that matched or some dish towels that weren't what my Mom sent me off to college with.

1.  Pick your colors. 
What color do you want your kitchen or bathroom to be?  Register for towels in those colors some of your shower invitees will use your registry to pick out some cute accessories to compliment those colors.

Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

2.  Service for Eight.
Pick out some plates that you love, and add the matching serving dishes, bowls, and everything else.  Remember, they don't all need to be from the same set. Mix and match, just make sure they  compliment each other. You don't have to use them for everyday, but when you start entertaining you will have everything you need. 

Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

3.  Silverware.
Register for a nice set and a nice silverware storage box to keep them in.  Bring them out when you have company, it will bring a sense fancy to your dinner when you are not eating off the same silverware that you had mac and cheese off of the night before.  Break them out for company, and don't forget to count them when you are putting them away, so you don't miss anything.

4.  Add a couple of big things.
My family is big on 'going in' on big presents.  Some suggestions?  Vacuum cleaner, grill, mixer.

5.  Do not register for china.
Raise your hand if your parents have a set of china in attic from either your Grandmother or Great-Grandmother with your name on it?  If you really need a set, ask for it.

6.  Replace the old.
Think new towels, new mixing bowls (ok, maybe I just wanted another set), drinking glasses.

Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

Have fun with registering.  Make your fiancée take you out to lunch, and then head to the store and play with the little gun.

Next week we will talk about WHERE to register.

Happy Planning!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tips for choosing your Bridal Party

Remember when you were little and you thought, when I have my dream wedding I am going to have 12 bridesmaids in big puffy pink dresses, and they are going to fall at their feet and serve me on my big day.  Fast forward to reality.  Do you have 12 friends/family that you would like to have in your wedding?  Pink is very 1985 (which is when you were probably planning that wedding)

There really are no etiquette rules how to choose your wedding party.  It is a process that can strain friendships and hurt feelings.  It's not easy, especially when you have a large social circle.  Below are some 'guidelines' that you might find helpful during the process.

  • Siblings.  I had both my sister's in my wedding, but I adore both of them (even though they are polar opposites) so you may want to consider your siblings if you are close

  • Friends.  All of your friends will expect to be asked.  Of course, this is not possible if you actually want to have some people sitting in the congregation.  Who are closest too?  Who were the first ones that you wanted to call when you got engaged?  Just because your friends are not in the wedding party it doesn't mean that they cannot attend the bachelorette party or the bridal tea.  They will love being included without the expense!

  • Soon to be in-laws.  Don't feel like you have to include them.  Don't pass over a good friend to have your finance sister in the wedding if you are not particular close.  Ask her to perform a reading or act as a greeter while your guests assemble for the ceremony.   

  • Married Couples.  Just because your fiancé will be his best man, it doesn't mean you need to include his wife or girlfriend in the wedding (this works both ways) - in fact if they have small children, it's probably best that one is not in the wedding.

  • Children.  This is tricky.  I don't think that children under 3 should be included in the wedding party.  They are too young.  They can be included in the pictures and even listed in the program as the 'ceremonial' ring bearer or flower girl. 

*One more note on ring bearers and flower girls.  They should not actually carry the rings, and they should be seated with either one of their parents or their grandparents during the ceremony, they will be more comfortable (and entertained) and less likely to steal the show!

How to ask someone to be in your wedding?

I would invite them out of drinks or lunch and ask them.  Please make your intentions clear.  Do you expect a bachelorette party in Vegas?  Where will the wedding by held?  Out of town?  Make sure that you set expectations, that way if it is something they don't feel comfortable committing all that you expect, they can be up front with you. 

If they decline to be in your wedding, don't take in personally.  These days people don't always have the means to be in a wedding, with all the dresses, travel, and gifts that it involves.  Give them a hug, and order another drink.  It also doesn't mean that she doesn't want to go with you when you try on dresses, or help you with your registry, include her as much as you can!

I hope this helps, gives you something to think about as you make these decisions.  As always, please feel free to drop me a line with any questions or concerns that you have during the planning process.  Also, I have some great ideas on my Pinterest boards, held over there and check them out!