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Where you should register for your wedding

Last week we covered what you should register for, this week we will cover where you should register.  Almost every big box store and department store offers a service that will allow you to register for gifts.

Where to start. 

How many places do you want to register at?  I recommend 2. 

Do your guests have access to these stores?  I know that everyone has access to the internet, but some people are not comfortable with that, especially if they are buying a last minute present.

Compare the Stores.

I always recommend that you compare the stores for items that you are looking for.  Target and Kohl's have great everyday choices.  Along with kitchen items and dishes, you can register for bed and bath items and also home d├ęcor (not to mention vacuum cleaners and grills!)  The items are responsible priced and they have a lot of different options.

If you are looking to stock your kitchen, I would head over to Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma.  Items at each of these stores is alittle more expensive, but is very high quality.  I am always alitte disappointed in the dishware options at Williams and Sonoma, but it is a great place for appliances.  I like Crate & Barrel because of their color palate, we registered there and we able to get several serving platters and bowls that we have been able to mix and matches with the dishes that we had prior to getting married as well as our new dishes.

I am just going to say it.  I am not a fan of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I think it's because they have so much in that store, but nothing that I would actually buy for a shower gift.  There are so many other great options, that this should be a last option for your registry.

Department stores.  Sigh.. It's not 1965.  If you want to register for china and 1,000 count sheets, this is your place.  But, these days I don't know how many crystal vases or candy bowls one couple needs.

Today registering is easier than ever.  Stores offer consultants and parties where you can mingle with our couples while you scan away with your little scanner guns.  Most stores have apps that help you manage your registry from your phone. 

Look for the benefits that each store offers.  Many offer you a percentage off on items you didn't receive when you go into the store to close your registry out (bring your gift cards!) Be aware that a lot of the department stores only have these offers for couples who apply for a store card.

This is one of the fun parts of planning your wedding.  Have fun with it!

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a note!



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