Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Everything you Want (and Need) to know about Save the Dates

Save the dates have become really popular over the past couple of years, they have become a great way to communicate information about the big day, the where, and when so they can get ready for it.  But, sometimes they are alittle over the top.  There was time in the early 90's where people were sending out magnets with their pictures on them, when and how would you get rid of that?  I thought that alittle guide to help.

Who gets them?  Ideally you would send one to everyone on your guest list.   I know it seems like alot, so you can pair down the mailed to out of town guests, immediate family and the bridal party.   Before you ask, yes those need to be mailed.  A digital version can be emailed out, posted to your wedding website and wedding Facebook page.

What information should it contain?  When and where the wedding will be.  You should also include hotel information, and your wedding website.  Please fight the urge to write 'Invitations to Follow' on the bottom.

When should they be sent?  4-6 months before the wedding

Now let's talk alittle bit about design.

These can be as simple as a photo card from the drug store, with your information printed by your engagement party to as extravagant as handmade and homewritten.  They should be in your style. Because they are going out so far before the wedding they don't necessarily need to fit in with your theme.  That being said it is also a good way to establish theme.

I hope this helps.

Happy Planning!