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When the Bride Needs a Shower

We have like a ton of weddings of this year.  I have to tell you, I'm pretty excited.  My family has even has the honor of throwing a shower for one of these weddings.  I haven't thrown a shower in a long time, so that got me thinking that maybe it's time for alittle refresher on the rules.

Who should throw one?  This is tricky, some people think that it should be the bridesmaids, some people think it should just be family.  The correct answer is either.  The shower we are planning is for my cousin, who happens to be my Mom's god daughter, so that is perfectly acceptable.  I don't think that the bride's mother (MOB) should be responsible for throwing one, she should be able to sit back and enjoy that the day along with the Bride.  Other than that, I think that almost anyone associated with the Bride can host one.

Who should you invite?  This is always hard.  Of course, anyone who is invited to the wedding is eligible.  But, you should really invite immediate family (aunts, cousins, grandmothers) and those friends who you are close to.  I also think that it's good idea to invite women that are new to your circle of friends (think the best man's new girlfriend) so that everyone can get to know each other before the wedding.

To Theme or not?  If the wedding has a theme incorporate it.  In my experience it is much easier to plan around a theme that just around colors.  If the wedding doesn't have a theme, think about giving the shower one, maybe an afternoon tea or laundry and linens.  Coordinate your invitations and decor around that theme.

What to serve?  Finger foods work the best.  Something that will not fall, when the paper plate is balanced on Grandma's lap when she is trying to make a veil out of toilet paper.  What to drink?  I would limit it to one custom drink (think champagne with raspberries) and then just cola and water.  If you have children coming, make sure you have a few drink boxes on hand.

Games?  I'm not a huge fan of games, but I think there should be at least one.  Something simple, I like '20 questions about the Bride' which helps everyone get to know her, or if you have members of the Groom's family involved, change it to '20 questions about the Happy Couple'

Just a few more things to remember...

-Invitations should be mailed, not emailed.
-You should not throw a shower for a second wedding, just plan a special girls night out instead.
-Couples showers are not fun.  Plan an engagement party instead.
-Do NOT ask you guests to address an envelope for the their thank you note, you had their address to invite them, you have their address to send a thank you.  To the Bride - you are not that busy, they took the time to shop for a gift for you, you should take the time to address an envelope.

Now you are ready, go out and plan! 

Did I miss anything?  Need help getting started?

Leave me a note below!



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