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Golf Themed Wedding Shower

We had so much fun putting this together.  It was a whole family effort including my Dad and my Hubby, who stamped out flowers and made weights for the balloons.  But most of the credit goes to my Mom, my sister, and my niece without them we wouldn’t have gotten anything done.
The color palate was easy, we went with the colors of the wedding apple green, and royal blue, and we used those for the table cloth colors and then added paper flowers for decoration.  The centerpieces were simply balloons with golf balls used as weights.

The cake balls were the hardest to put together.  We started with chocolate and strawberry cake and mixed them together with vanilla frosting (neapolitan cake balls).  Then we added some more vanilla frosting and white ball sprinkles to finish off our cake ‘golf’ balls.  We frosted sugar cookies to look like ‘greens’, and added a tee to tie the whole thing together.

The cake was beautiful and big Thanks to my sister for arranging it.

Since this was a shower that spanned across two families and a lot of friends, we decided that name tags were definitely in order.

The games were short and sweet.

Guess the number of balls and tees in the jar.

Then two more, one the being the famous, here are a bunch of kitchen gadgets, see how many you can remember.  My favorite one (yes, I know have a favorite shower game) was the game were we ask questions (were all the answers were numbers) and then one with the lowest (like golf) number difference between their total guess and the right total wins!  Thanks to my other sister for this one!

Like I said it was a wonderful day and weekend, I'm still tired!



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