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The (Financial) Cost of being part of a Wedding

On the way in to work this morning on the radio they were talking about how much it costs to be a bridesmaid these days.  Now I haven't been in a wedding (that wasn't my own) in quite sometime, but I do not remember it costing $1,700!!  I bet you are thinking that the same thing that I am, you have got to be kidding.  When I did a quick google search on the cost of being a groomsmen that  comes in at just $400 dollars.  I don't believe that number either, how is it $1,300 cheaper?  So, I got to thinking about all the expenses related to a wedding and how quickly they can add up.

Aren't we pretty?

Wedding Outfit
  • a bridesmaids dress with alternations will run about $200, add another $75.00 for shoes. 
    • Tuxes average around $100 and include the shoes (boys apparently don't care)
Hair and Make Up
  • a bridesmaid will probably spend around $150 to have their make-up and hair done on the big day
    • Groomsmen, $20 for a haircut
Bridal Shower
  • if a bridesmaid is helping to host (which she should be) it will run her around $150 (at least) $200 with present
    • Groomsmen = n/a
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
  • So with the travel (from what I understand now, these are 'weekend getaways') you are looking at $500 to $600 dollars for travel and hotel alone, add in the new clothes and drinks $1,000
    • Add in the strippers and take away the new clothes and you are even at $1,000
So, these are only a few of the big spends that are associated with a wedding, there could be travel to the wedding, engagement & wedding gifts.  So much. 

This just seems outrageous to me.  I would love to know what everyone thinks....send me your thoughts, I would love to hear them..



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