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Things That do not belong at your Wedding

There are so many things that belong at your wedding.  Family, friends, cake, the list goes on and on.  But, there are however, things that do not belong at your wedding.

Exes (wives, husbands, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends)  - I  don't care how well you get along, whether or not you share children, it will be awkward.  It will be, for you for them, for your family and friends.  They will not be expecting an invitation, and if they are shame on them, they should know better and grow up.

Costumes - you know that I am all about carrying out a theme.  Costumes are not appropriate, for the wedding party or guests.

Babies (under 6 months) - they should not be in the ceremony nor should they attend it.  They can be there for pictures, I understand that, but there needs to be sitter (in separate area of the venue) to attend to them. 

Dollar Dance/Money Tree/Wishing Well - your guest have already given you a gift, please don't ask them to give more cash during the reception.

Can you think of anything that I've missed?  Anything you think shouldn't belong at a wedding?  Please let me know I would love to hear what I missed!



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