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Wedding Trends: Love/Hate Edition

Alot of people tell me about weddings, their weddings, weddings they were in, weddings they have been to, and my favorite, weddings that other people tell them about.  I love it, I love hearing about what people loved, and what people could have done without.  This was a pretty good wedding season, and I’ve heard a lot, so I thought that it would be fun to explore some of the trends.

Let’s start with the Love….

Little Boys Announcing the Bride
This little guy was at my Sister-In-Law's Wedding in August.

Seriously, is this not the cutest thing?  It’s a great way to involve the little ones. 

Photo booths

These are great, they help the guest interact with each other, entertains them, and creates memories. 

Midnight Snacks

Have you heard of this?  Couples feed their guest alittle snack at the end of the night.  I have heard of pretzel carts, and hot dog trucks.  These are great because they serve two purposes.  The first, it helps absorb some of the alcohol your guests have been drinking all night (admit it, we have all ran through Taco Bell after a reception), and secondly, they signal the ‘end of the night’ a cue for your guests that you are wrapping it up.

The Cupcake Tower

I love cupcakes, they are easy to eat, they do not require silverware, and you can snack on them all night.  You can still ‘cut the cake’ you just have the baker make you two small round cakes (one to cut, one for your anniversary) and you are in business.

Bring the Hate (ok, I really don’t ‘hate’ these trends, most of them just need to be done the right way.

Unity Sand

Many couples have drifted to this instead of the unity candle in their ceremonies.  I love the sand, in fact, my Hubby and I did at our wedding years ago, and I think it’s past its prime. 

Waiting around at the Reception

If you, as a Bride and Groom, feel the need to drive around drinking and taking pictures for 3 or 4 hours between your ceremony and reception, that is perfectly your right, just remove the phrase “reception to immediately follow” from your invitation, replace it with a time, so that your guest don’t sit around waiting for you.

Cocktail Party Receptions

These are totally great in theory, but they need to be done the right way.  These should take place immediately following the ceremony, in the same venue or a venue that is close by.  Do not schedule these for later in the evening.  Do not take your Bridal Party to dinner between the wedding and reception and then feed your guests appetizers.  Have a drinks and appetizers after your ceremony, then everyone (separately) can do to dinner afterwards.

Giant (Wide and Tall) Centerpieces
Photo Credit : Bridal

Do not get me wrong they are beautiful.  They are stunning to see when you walk in a room, then you sit down.  While trying to balance your dinner plate, bread plate and all the glasses on the table (which is smaller now), and trying to have a conversation with your college roommate on the other side of the centerpiece, you will remember why these are not the best choice.

Again, I love to hear about weddings and all the craziness, so feel free to let me know what you love, and what you could do without!



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