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Trash the Dress, Could you do it?

The newest trend in weddings seem to be "trashing your dress" this is where you spend more money on pictures and ruin your dress that you took months (and lots of $$) picking out and get fitted.

I will be honest, I am actually alittle on the fence (I know it doesn't sound like it) about this.  On one hand, I think it's pretty cool.  Most of the pictures I have seen are beautiful.  They are creative, and fun.  Since you aren't going to wear it again what is the harm?  Check out some of these pictures from Ryan Howard and his Bride's photo shoot.

On the other hand, my dress made me feel like a princess and I don't think that I could hurt it.  I remember being concerned all the dirt would come off of the bottom of it.  It is now perfectly clean, boxed and shrink wrapped and sitting at my parents house, next to my Mom's dress.

This is about as close as I got....

Not to mention the expense.  I don't think I could intentionally hurt something that I paid that much for.  My dress was a good price  not cheap but certainly not designer outrageous, so I can't imagine crawling into a river in a dress that would have made a nice down payment on a house.

Will I ever wear it again?  Who knows, maybe when we are old and gray and decide to renew our vows, I'll pull it out.  I harbor no thoughts that any of my nieces would want to wear it, but maybe they will, who knows.

The bigger issue to me?  The dress to me is a symbol, a symbol of the marriage, and I feel like it would be a jink to intentionally trash it.  

It is also apparently dangerous, some poor woman died doing this.  Read the story here.

So has anybody done this?  I would love to see the pictures.  I would love to know how you came to the decision, email them to me at and I'll share them on my Facebook fan site.



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