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Things that your Wedding doesn't Need

There are so many things that you need to have or do at your wedding.  Here are somethings that you can skip...most of these are outdated traditions that have lived there usefulness.

Money Trees/Dollar Dances

These were very popular in the 80's when couples were marrying younger and needed the extra spending cash.  In a age where couples are spending upwards of $25,000 on there weddings, doesn't it seem alittle inappropriate to ask your guests to participate in this tradition?

Announcements During your Ceremony

The best part of a wedding is watching a bride walk down the aisle, it's magical.  The next moment when the minster says "We are gathered here today..." and then everyone knows to sit down.  This moment should not be followed by, "please remember to turn off your cell phone" - I actually witnessed this at a wedding last year.  This was after walking past a sign in the foyer that asked me to it.  Please make sure that you cover this with the minister.  People do have a enough sense to turn there ringers off.

Cameras on the Tables at the Reception

In today's world everyone has a cell phone with a camera (even my parents).  Instead, join Instagram create a hashtag and then let your guests know.  Imagine how much fun you will have on your honeymoon exploring the pictures your guests took.  Leave little signs like the one below all over your ceremony (don't forget the program) and reception.

Photo Credit: The Frisky
Cash Bars
Even if you don't have a huge budget for alcohol for your big day, limit the drinks served, not the amount.  A guest should never have to pay for anything after they enter your wedding.
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