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Wedding Traditions to Keep

I was recently reading an article about how all of these wedding traditions were out of style and how they needed to go away.  They were old fashion, today's couples don't want those things at there wedding.  Why not take the concept of these old traditions and modernize them? 

Having the Bride's Father Give Her Away

It is understandable in this world of step parents,  and adoptive parents, that sometimes there is more than one 'Dad' in your life.  Some Bride's choose not to pick between them for this honor, and walk alone down the aisle.  But, there are a lot of other solutions, the Bride could have both Dad's one on each side.  One Dad could walk her half way with the other taking her to the altar. 

I've been to many weddings where Mom(s) gave the Bride away.  Uncles are very popular, and don't forget about Grandfathers.  The important men in a Bride's (and Groom's) life can also be honored with a special dance after dinner.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

One of my favorites.  Easy to Update.  Be Creative!

Something Old -

Momma's pearls
Momma's dress
Pin one of your Grandmother's broaches to your flowers or the inside of your dress (or suit).
Momma's, Grandmother's, or Sister's Veil

Something New -

Dress (or Suit)
Shoes (go all out!)

Something Borrowed -

Momma's pearls
Dad's Handkerchief
Niece's Hair band, tied around your flowers
Nephew's Baseball Card tucked into your belt or sash

Something Blue -

ditch the blue garter...

Shoes (or just paint your wedding date in blue on the bottoms, which will make a great picture!)
Sash, ribbon or bow on the back of your dress
Jewelry, little accent pieces, small earrings, pendants

Throwing the Bouquet

I know, people don't like the little girls running around, you can have all the little ones come out and you can throw some candy for them and then let the big girls at the Bouquet.  Make sure that your florist makes a bouquet for to throw, because you will not want to give away yours.

Cutting the Cake

What is a wedding without cake?  Some many couples are choosing to move away from one large cake, and are serving actual dessert, or cupcakes.  These are not bad trends, but with most venue's offering a cake with the catering package, sometimes it doesn't make financial sense to turn down the free cake and pay for cupcakes. Go with the cake, do the ceremonial first bite (smashing is optional) and then have the entire cake (expect for the top layer) cut, and what your guests don't eat after dinner, have the leftovers put in cake boxes and left on the place card table for guests to grab when as they leave.  If you are essentially getting a free cake, you can still have the your sweet table thing.  What I don't like, is when people have one cake for their bridal party (or family) and then serve their guests sheet cake, if you are going to do that, skip the cake.



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