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Little ways to add a theme to your Wedding

I've been noticing that theme weddings are making a comeback.  Remember in the 90's when everyone was having a Star Wars or Wizard of Oz Wedding?  Yep, they are back.  I am not opposed to them, I just think there is a way to do it right. 

When I was in the car on my way to work the other day the question of the day was "Does your spouse/significant other love you too much?"  One lucky bride called in to say 'yes, because he agreed to have a Disney wedding' - I assumed that was a wedding at Disney, but no it was a wedding where all the bridesmaids would be princesses and the groomsmen would be an assortment of characters.  I'm talking Woody, and Buzz.  Better known as a Cowboy and a Spaceman.  Why they aren't the Princes I have no idea.  All I could think was...How old are you? 

Last year, my cousin threw a golf themed wedding and it was done very nicely.  Honestly, during the ceremony, you have never known about the theme.  The colors were green (get it green?) and blue and the golf theme was evident at the reception, but not over done.

The question is how to do you hit that happy medium?

Let's look at 2 different themes and how you can make them into wedding themes.

Beach and Vegas.

Color.  What colors come to mind when you are thinking about your theme?  When I think about Beach, sand, greens and blues.  Vegas, red and black.  These would be colors to use in the bridesmaids dresses, the table linens and accent colors for your invitations and programs.

Favors.  The beach reminds me of summer, so how about a cute pair of sunglasses with your names and wedding date on them?  A bag of chocolate coins would be perfect for Vegas.

Accent Pieces.  The beach theme could be represented by scattering seashells on the tables.  The place cards at your Vegas wedding could be made out of playing cards.

Food.  The beach reminds me of the boardwalk.  After serving some light (and budget friendly) seafood fare at dinner, a mid-reception snack of popcorn and cotton candy could be served.  If you are going for the Vegas themed wedding, you have to have a buffet. 

Drinks.  My favorite way to carry a theme through a reception is to create a signature drink.  The beach wedding theme drink could be created with a light rum mixed with a simple fruit juice (think pineapple!).  The Vegas thing could represented with something fancy like a Cosmo.  Don't forget to give it a personalized name!

Pretty easy, huh?  The best part is that you can still have an elegant wedding while showing alittle personality.

As always, please feel free to send me any questions, I am here to help!

Happy Planning!



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