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Questions to Ask while setting a Wedding Date

Coming up with your Wedding date is one of the first thing a newly engaged couples should do.  It is the date that will drive your timeline, and possibly which vendors you can use.

I've developed a set of questions to help you narrow down the possibilities.

Do you already have a specific date in mind? 
 Maybe you'd like to get married on your parent's anniversary? 
 Maybe your anniversary?
 Always imagined being a June bride?

Do you have a specific venue in mind?  destination wedding?
What are the best time?  If you live in the Midwest and are planning an outdoor wedding, that will limit your options. Also, it's a good idea to visit the venue and speak with a on-site coordinator, they will be able to show your pictures of the venue for different seasons that will help you make the decision.

Are you alright with a long engagement if it means waiting for the date/venue you want to become available?
I know it is ridiculous but people have pushed out Weddings over a year to hold it on a certain date or at a certain venue.

Do you have budget concerns?

Most venues offer discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings.

Remember if you ever have any questions or need any advice just drop me a line!



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