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When and How to Announce Your Engagement

Announcing your engagement to family and friends is one of the most parts of getting married, and from the minute your engagement happens you want to start screaming it from the rooftops!  Before you make that status change on Facebook, take a couple of minutes to read and consider the following.

1.  Call your Parents (and your Grandparents)

Chances are that they already know.  But make it official call them and give the the awesome news. You should also call any other family that you are particular close to.

2.  Call you Friends

You don't want them finding out through Facebook.  Call them, don't text them.  I repeat.  Call them.

3.  Take a minute before you post to social media

Make it clever when you post to your sites.  If you plan on taking a picture of the ring, make sure you get a manicure before taking the picture.

Maybe you want to create a hashtag to use through out your engagement and at your wedding.

4.  Spread the word

I would give it at least 3 days before changing any status' or making any posts.  That way word will have spread to those most important to you and they will not be upset that they "heard it on Facebook"

Now the fun begins, get started with your planning here!

Have any questions about your engagement or wedding planning?  Feel free to drop me a line at and I will be happy to help!



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