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7 things I would do differently from my Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Hubs and I celebrated 7 years of wedding bliss.  It seems like those days have gone by in a heartbeat.  Every year I like to celebrate by looking through our pictures and remembering the day.  It was a beautiful day in May and we had such a great time, and these are not major regrets, but they bother the Wedding Planner in me!

1.  More Sand

I would have had more sand in our sand ceremony.  Big Vases too.

2.  Cake Tipping Worry

I worried through out my whole ceremony that we would go back inside and cake would be on the floor I don't know why it was tipped upward, but it was and it annoyed me.

3.  Better Table Decorations

 I went with the standard package, I let coming in under budget cloud my judgement.

4.  Provided the Photographer with a better shot list.

There were some pictures, like one with my husband and his Grandmother.

5.  Relaxed More.

I feel like I was preoccupied all day with details, and didn't really enjoy, enjoy the day.

6.  This goes hand and hand with #5, I wish I would have been nicer.  

I was alittle Bridezilla.  Mostly the night before and the day of.

7.  I would have hired a day of coordinator.

I know they would have pointed out that I needed bigger vases and more sand.  They would have been fixing the cake while I was saying my vows, and I would have assisted with the list for the photographer.  These little things would have helped me relax more and be less of a bridezilla.

Happy Planning!

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