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Event Vendor Spotlight: Photographers

This picture used to hang in my parent's entryway, on the way below a bench.  When my niece was little should we climb up on the bench and ask my Mom why she wasn't in the picture.  Long story short she would arrive about 3 months after the wedding.  We eventually had to retake a family picture so she could be in it!

My point is that photos from a wedding are very important that capture all the moments you don't want to forget.  Below are a some important tips for finding the right photographer for your wedding, including some questions that you want to ask.


In wedding photography you really do get what you pay for.  Expect to pay between $1,100 to $2,000 for a photographer worth their weight.  The price should include a standard bridal wedding album, additional prints and albums will cost you more.  What you get for the price is what you need to ask.

  • How many photographers?  
  • How many hours does that include?
  • Will they travel to multiple locations?
  • How many proofs will you receive (should be in at least 500-700 shots)
  • Album options (don't get too hung up on this, you can always do your own)
Digital Copies 

You want to own your proofs.  You will want to have a digital copy so that you can have prints made for friends and family or even 20 years later if you want.  Typically, you will have to meet a minimal dollar amount of prints to own your proofs.  Ask if you can pay to buy these outright.  

Shot List

I remember meeting with a photographer who told me when I asked about a shot list to "not worry about it honey, we do this all the time" - yep that interview was OVER.  Typically, they will have a standard list, but if you have several cannot miss shots make sure that you give them a list of those.  If you are hiring a coordinator, please make sure they receive a copy and have a rough idea of who everyone who needs to be in a photo is...

Other Questions:

  • Are they familiar with the venues?
  • Deposit and cancellation policies
  • Overtime policy
Be very upfront about what you are looking for.  If that means taking pictures while you and the bridal party get ready or staying until the last guest leaves.  You might have to pay for what you want, but being up front helps you compare photographers.

Like with all vendors, seek references from your family, friends, co-workers, your venue consultant. Most venues have a list of preferred vendors that they work with, the benefit to this is that they understand the space, it’s limitations and benefits.  Talk to at least 3 before you make any decisions, do not let them fool you with that "we need a deposit to hold your date" before you are ready to make a decision.

As always please feel free to send me any questions, I am here to help!

Happy Planning!



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