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My 5 Best Vacation Planning Tips

I love Summer.  Summer means long evenings, fresh air and the beach!  The beach is my family's favorite vacation destination.  You could drop us off at the beach and come back in 7 days to pleas of "we aren't ready to go home yet."  We do like to vacation as a family (for at least the first 5 days ...  lol) so below are my best planning trips to make your vacation special (and relaxing.)

1.  Research Activities before you leave.

The idea is to come back from vacation rested and relaxed, not needing a couple of days to rest before you go back to work.  That being said, sometimes it rains at the beach, so know where the museums, movie theaters, malls and arcades are.

Vacations are also great for teaching history and geography lessons.  Exploring a new area of the state or country can cure "I'm so bored" blues.

Remember to not only look for activities at your destination, but along the way as well.

2.  Create a Binder.

Yes, I know another binder, but trust me, this thing is a life saver.   I keep directions (double check for the GPS), hotel, flight and car rental information.  There is a section for what to pack (or not to forget really) as well as things that need to get done before you leave.  It's a catch all that you can easily access the information that you need.  Be sure to make a list of the important things (tablets, cell phones, chargers, etc) you don't forget them when you leave home or when you leave to go home (I totally stole that idea from my Dad.)

Just a quick note, on the packing list tab I keep a short list of what is in what bag.  This is just in case someone needs a quick change of clothes, or there is a we have to go swimming right now emergency!  I don't list everything, but the important things.

Don't forget to have an "Activities" tab.

4.  Prepare to Come Home.

The trip home is always harder than the trip there.  One the way there you are excited about all the fun things and people you are going to see.  The trip home is less glamorous, and re-entering the real world can be stressful.  We always seem to be hungry when we get home.  I have no idea why that is, but we are.  I combat this be making something up, pasta sauce or a casserole before we leave and freezing it.  Then I just pop it in the oven while we are unloading and I avoid the grocery store (or more fast food) until I have more energy to tackle it.

5.  Don't Stress Out.

You will forget something. Or someone will have a tummy ache and you will not have anything to help.  That is why there is a Wal-Mart and/or a Target in almost every town in America.  Roll with it, and Enjoy your vacation!



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