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Shopping for your Perfect Wedding Dress

Remember before you were engaged and you would dream about your perfect wedding, and that dream included the perfect wedding dress?  Well, when it all starts to be reality, it can seem like an over whelming nightmare.  Don't worry I'm here to help.

Before you Go:

Do your research.  

Seek inspiration from Pinterest and bridal magazines.  Don't be afraid to rip out pages and bring them with you to show the store's staff.  

Plan your visits.

Many stores will only show dresses by appointment, so make sure that you research the stores and make the proper appointments.  Don't limit yourself to one store.  Look around, even if you visit them just to look around before you actually try anything on.  Do check yourself a favor and do a quick check on the shops you are looking to visit, an internet search and Better Business Bureau search might save you heartache down the road.

Get a lingerie fitting.

Take the time to visit a lingerie store for a fitting to make sure that you are buying the proper size which will only make your dress fit better.

Gather your Girls.

Dress shopping doesn't have to be a mandatory bridal party function, but you should invite those closest to you (and those who will give you a honest opinion) to share in the fun.  Remember, this will (and should) take more than one day, so not everyone maybe able to go to each store.

Determine your budget.

Right now the average wedding dress will cost you around $1300, and another 300-500 for alternations.  Most bridal stores will require at least half of the purchase price down, if not full payment when you order.

What to Take with you:

  Something with a similar heel that you would like to wear on your wedding day 

Something to put your hair up
   If you haven't decided on up or down yet, bring a comb or ponytail holder, just in case

Appropriate Shapewear and Undergarments
   The sales clerk will be helping you into those dresses and you don't want to look presentable.

When you are there:

Don't take any pictures before you ask.  They are so temperamental about that.

Try on as many dresses as you can.  This process is as much about knowing what you don't want as much as what you do want!

Don't order anything on the first day.  Keep going and see all the stores (and dresses) that you originally wanted to see.  It will be there when you go back.  

Relax, have fun - this is suppose to be fun!  Princess for the day!

Happy Planning!



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