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What to Expect at your Wedding Rehearsal

The day before your wedding is when the nerves really start to kick in - once you see everything coming together and you can really visualize what could go wrong.  It is also a really fun time when all your out of town guests start showing up and you have a million to-do's running through your head.  All and all it's crazy!

That all being said you want to get through the actual Wedding Rehearsal as quickly and efficiently  as possible.

Who should be Invited

  • Parents (including Step Parents) & Grandparents 
  • Bridal Party (they should be allowed to bring a date)
  • Parents of the Ring Bearer and Flower Girls (if they are not in the Bridal Party)
  • Friends/Family who will be participating in the Wedding 
  • Officiant
  • Wedding Planner
Anyone invited to the rehearsal should be invited to the dinner following.  Siblings (including step) who are not part of the Wedding should be invited to meet up at dinner, as well as any Aunts and Uncles or close family members you would like to invite.  Keep in mind that children of the Bridal party and others participating should also be included in the dinner.   

When Should it Be

The ideal time is the late afternoon before the Wedding.  Schedule it for about 4:30 and give yourself 30-45 minutes at the venue, and then travel time to the restaurant.  Dinner should be schedule for 6:00, so if you have guests invited to dinner that will not be attending the rehearsal you can inform them when to be there.

One thing that could easily happen, is that there is another event schedule at your venue the night before.  If that is the case schedule it for the closest time before the actual day of the Wedding (not in the morning before) and have as many people attend as possible.  Think Thursday night, or earlier on Friday.  Make sure to inform the Bridal Party in case they need to schedule the time off work.  The Officiant or the Wedding planner will discuss with the details and walk those who could not make it on the morning of the ceremony.

Who Should be in Charge

Ideally, the Bride and Groom have a enough going on they shouldn't have to be in charge of the rehearsal too.  This should be the responsibility of the Officiant, the Venue Event Planner and your Wedding Planner.

Walk through the ceremony a few times at the rehearsal, this is not as important to those who have been in Weddings before, but for the children in the Bridal Party this will be important.

Come Organized

Bring your binder, which should include a copy of your ceremony, review it before things get started so you will know what (and who) should be where and needs to be reviewed.

Have a little fun, and try to relax this is meant to help people really focus on making the ceremony go smoothly.

Happy Planning!


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