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Ask CW: Reader Mailbag - Wedding Questions Answered

Each week I receive emails from brides all over the country for answers to their most stressful wedding questions.  Here are a couple I thought I would share.

Dear Cyn:  We are hosting a wedding where the majority of the our guests are from out of town.  I feel like we should invite as many of them as possible to the our rehearsal dinner so they will not feel left out and not be stuck in the hotel with nothing to do.  What are the rules on who should be invited?


Dear HG:  The rule is this, you can invite whoever you want to the dinner following your Wedding rehearsal. Do you need to, not necessarily. I've written in the past on who needs to be invited, after them you can invite whoever you would like. Your guests might be excited to explore a new area or town while the bridal party and immediate families are at the rehearsal and the dinner following.  Provide a list of activities and restaurants for them check out.   

Dear Cyn:  My parents and I are fighting over having a cash bar at my reception.  They are completely opposed to it and I think that it would be a great way to save money in the budget, who is right?


Dear DB:  I hate to tell you this, but your parents are right.  Never fear there are ways to save some money here.   By limiting the bar and the contents you can still save.

-Create a signature drink, and limit the alcohol behind the bar to what is required to make it.
-Close the bar during dinner.  Most venues give you the option to serve wine only during dinner.

For other money saving tips please see my 10 Favorite Ways to Save $$$ on your Wedding 

If you have any questions I would love to help you answer them, please feel free to reach out to my at

Happy Planning!


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