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Your Wedding Coordinator v. The Venue Coordinator

I will never forget when I was getting married and I told my Mom about the venue and the coordinator, "His name is Frank" and she said "Frank as in Franc..." (in the movie Father of the Bride, they hire a Wedding coordinator who goes by Franc, and it is played by Martin Sheen and it is hilarious - it is a must see for those planning a Wedding - it will make you feel better). Needless to say, it became an on-going joke that revealed ALOT of stress at times.

Many think that because your venue has provided a coordinator and therefore there is no need to hire one of their own, and nothing could be farther from the truth.  The venue's coordinator is just that, they simply coordinate activities that have to with the venue.  When the ceremony starts, when cocktail hour begins, and when to start dinner (the one really nice thing - they make sure your drink is ALWAYS full)

Here are the things they will not take care of.

  • Creating and Making sure welcome bags are distributed to the hotel guests
  • Establishing a timeline for your Wedding Day
  • Directing the Wedding Rehearsal 
  • Calling the Florist when they are late
  • Reminding the Bridal Party that people are waiting to eat, and to speeches do                           not need to be 10 mins (nicely, of course)
  • Making sure that Aunt Sue is in the family picture

The list goes on, your Wedding Coordinator will work closely with the venue coordinator to make sure that that the timeline and events go smoothly and they will work on any issues together with the venue.

Happy Planning


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