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Ask CW: Nobody Wants to Cut the Cake at your Wedding

Dear Cyn:

My finance and I are planning a small wedding party, but we have a few friends and family that we would still like to include in our big day, is there some way we can include them so that they feel included in our special day?


Dear Gigi:

It is very thoughtful that you would like to include as many people as possible in your big day.  It is appreciated.  Think about things like reading a poem or performing a song during the ceremony.  Also, lighting any candles of honor (these are candles light for family and friends that have passed).  Aunts and Uncles can be honored by providing them with corsages and boutonnieres.   From someone who has watched a guest book, monitored (and cut) a cake, and passed out bubbles and rice, that is not including someone in your big day.  These are terrible (and unnecessary) jobs that will annoy, rather than include your guest.  Honestly, most guests will just be happy to be invited.

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