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Weddings By the Numbers

Planning a wedding can be alot like being on a road trip to a place you have never been and your GPS isn't working and you have to read the old map that has been in the glove box for years.  Where do you go, where do you start?  What will be my biggest expense?  Who do we invite?

My main goal on Cynfully Wonderful Events is to take the 'scary' out of event planning.  Give you the GPS, if you will, to the perfect event.  I know that the more information that I can provide, the better you can develop a budget, develop a guest list and then work out the details.  Start with big items, and then move on to the fun, little details.

Let's break down weddings by the numbers.

Each year there are 2.4 million weddings a year in the US.

The average engagement period is 12-16 months.

The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 178, the average amount that attend is 157.

The average cost of wedding is $30,000

The biggest cost category in a wedding is the reception.  The biggest cost at reception is the food.

The average number of bridesmaids per wedding is 3

See not so scary right?

Happy Planning!



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