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Always A Bridesmaid

Being a Bridesmaid has really changed over the years.  In the our parents generation this was a role typically filled by a few close friends, and family members, and their only real responsibility was to get the right dress, attend the shower and the wedding.

Today, everything is changing.  Being a Bridesmaids is shifting to more friends that feel like family.  They are responsible for alot and both giving their time and their money.

So what is the the modern day Bridesmaid responsible for?

1.  First and Foremost - being there for the Bride, doing everything that she asks of you during the planning process through the brunch the day after the Wedding.  This means not complaining and not rolling your eyes when you are asked to help assemble invitations.

2.  Looking your best.  Getting the right dress, getting your nails and hair done to look stunning in the pictures.  This is really one of the fun parts because salons full of Bridesmaids are is alot of fun.

3.  Throwing a Shower.  The Bridesmaids should throw the Bride a Shower.  This is should be a shower for the ladies your age and your friends.

4.  Buying the gifts. This is going to sound expensive but you need to buy a gift for the engagement party, all the showers (you are obligated to attend all of them, unless you commute is by airplane) you are invited to, the Bachelorette party and the wedding.  Save money by going in together with the Bridal Party to be buy one big gift for the weddings and showers.

5.  Speaking of the Bachelorette party, I know these have gotten alittle out of hand.  If the Bride wants to go to Vegas, you are going to Vegas.  Remember, if the Bride wants to go to Vegas, she needs to pay at least part of her own way.  Maybe that gift could be airfare, or paying for the hotel room.

6.  Do not complain.  Weddings are very stressful to plan and it will take down even the most considerate friend, don't worry they all come back to their senses after the Honeymoon.  Do you best to go with the flow.

7.  Get to the church on time.  Be on time for everything.

8.  Be the eyes in the back of her head.  Watch her back at the reception.  Is her Brother flirting with the best man's wife?  Lock it down.  Make sure that she has the best time.  Also, make sure that her makeup doesn't need to touched up or that she has help when she needs to go to the Ladies room.

Remember to smile, this is the happiest day of her life and you are happy for her, and she will kill you if you are not smiling in the pictures!



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