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Getting Started on your Budget

This is seriously the least fun/most stressful conversation(s) to have around your Wedding.

Who is going to pay for it?

Even typing that give me an anxiety flashback from gearing up to have that conversation with my parents around my own wedding.

The truth is that weddings these days are combination,  Brides family, Groom's family, the couple themselves.  Gone are the rules of Emily Post which neatly distributing the bill based on some old society traditions. Many couples want the freedom of planning that paying for the day gives you.  Many feel they are too old to have their parents pay for their weddings.

The budget might be the most stressful conversation, but it is truly the most important.  It determines the big 3, when, where and how a wedding will take place.  What can you afford?  Are you willing to push your date out to give you more time to save?

I urge you to sit down with your parents once the fairy dust of your engagement settles.  Do not be defensive and don't mad if the number they are willing to offer is not what you expected/wanted it to be.  Be thankful for what they offer and start planning.  The worse thing you can is argue with your parents for 12 months while you are planning your wedding.

The one thought that I will leave you with is.  It truly is one day.  It is one great day of your life.  You will not remember that you didn't have room in the budget for seat covers.  You will remember the smiles, the stories and how happy you were with plain out chairs.

Over the next coming months we will get deep into the specifics around the budget and what you will/should spend on each aspect of it.

Happy Planning..



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