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Asking for Money at your Wedding

My real opinion about this?  

Don't do it.

No Dollar Dance.
No Honeymoon Fund Jar.
No Dollar Tree.
No Vote with dollars to encourage cake smashing.
None of it.


Because we ask alot of guests.  The majority of guests have attended (and purchased a gift for) at least one pre-wedding event; bridal shower, engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party.  Some of them have travelled, are spending a night in a hotel.  They have given you a present for your wedding.  

All for you.  Do not ask them for more.

If you cannot afford a honeymoon because of the cost of your wedding, take one in 6 months.  I always encourage couples to budget for their honeymoon in their initial budget.  Will it be the honeymoon of your dreams, maybe not, but you have a lifetime of anniversary trips when there will be more money for those dream vacations.

Not worth it.

The amount of money you will make from these activities will not make it worth the annoyance you will cause to your guests, and it will not even cover dinner one night in Costa Rica. 

Also, don't have a cash bar.  People really hate this.  I have been at a wedding where people talked a group of people into leaving early and going to bar where the drinks were cheaper.  Many of us followed.

My best advice is to plan what you can afford.  If you cannot afford a open bar, dinner (yep, same cash bar wedding), or your honeymoon, maybe it time to re-evaluate your budget line items.  Your guests will appreciate an open bar over a midnight taco truck any day.  Make these decisions early in the process to include them in the budget.  Make a priority list and put your money towards those line items.

Remember, you want your wedding to leave a lasting impression on your guests.  You don't want that impression to be 'I should have brought more dollar bills.'

Happy Planning!



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