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What Not to talk about at your Work (or any) Christmas Party

Every year I publish a list of topics that should be avoided during Holiday parties, these mostly apply to work and networking group parties, but feel free to apply them to friends and families as well.

1.  The election/Trump's America/The Recount

No one wants to know who you voted for.  It's over, it sucked everyone dry and everyone is trying to get over it.  Associated topics to avoid:  the protests, Trump's America, recounts, Jill Stein, and cabinet appointees.

2.  The Kardashians/Kanye West

Can they please please just go away?

3.  The College Football Playoff

Ok, this is year 3 and I thought that this would not be an issue anymore, but every year things get crazier, and crazier.  Please note I am posting this before the final selection, but I imagine it will be even worse after.  I bet you can't tell who we are cheering for!

Phrases to be avoided:

I saw it on Facebook.
I think I have a picture on my phone, do you want to see it?

Actually the list is pretty short this list sort of, #1 is alittle big.

Let me know what I missed!



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