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Dinner Options for your Event

The biggest line item in any event biggest is food.  Feeding a group of 100 - 200 is always a challenge.  It is also a challenge because you want to feed everyone a good meal, and you want to stay with in your budget.  That being said, there are alot different options when it comes to feeding your guests.  Below we break each dining option down, to help you make a more informed decision.

Family Style: Large bowls of the entree(s) and side dishes are passed around each table.

Pro:  Imitate and causal dining experience
Pro:  Guest interaction is high
Pro:  Cost is generally lower, decreased wait staff.
Con: Large bowls and platters, decrease room for table decoration
Con: Not offered by all catering companies or venues.

Sit-Down:  Guests are served complete dinners by wait staff.

Pro: Offered by all venues.
Pro: Dinner timing is more controlled, no one up getting seconds.
Con: Meals are often cold on arrival.
Con: No variation in dinners.
Con: Depending on size of party, more expensive due to larger wait staff.

Buffet: Foods are served on long tables, guests serve themselves.

Pro: Pricing, less wait staff.
Pro: Menu is completely
Con: Takes a long to feed guests.
Con: Food is often cold.
Con: Guests serve themselves.

Stations:  Foods are served in stations position around the reception, guests serve themselves.

Pro: Variety of foods can be offered.
Pro: Dinner stations can be converted to Dessert stations.
Pro: Guests start at different stations, avoiding lines, and deceasing serving times.
Con: Dinner timing is looser, guests mingling, getting seconds.
Con: Guests serve themselves.

Discuss each option with your venue or caterer.

Happy Planning!


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