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Ready to Go in 2019!

Oh, I'm back.  The fog has lifted.
~Kid Rock

Happy New Year!  I'm so so so glad to be back.  As you can see I've been on a hiatus, I was truly in a fog.  About 9 months ago, doing this blog wasn't fun anymore it was just more work.  My schedule was crazy, I was in a terrible place professionally, and I just took alittle time to workout all those kinks and get back.  What I decided was that I needed to get back to basics.  To write about the things that I love.  

That being said, you will see this blog migrate back to it's roots.  Food, TV, Crafts and alittle bit of everything that we have done in the past.  The newsletter will be full of tips that will make your life easier.  I'm also very excited to add product reviews to the mix. 

I'm so happy to be back, and I hope you join us this year!



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