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Time for Spring Cleaning

Can you believe it, we made it through the winter, time for my 3rd favorite season, and least favorite set of chores.  I guess I shouldn't say that, I don't hate spring cleaning, but you have to admit, there are better ways to spend a couple of Saturdays.  

I spread mine out over a couple of weekends, this allows for time to have fun, and also allows time to do a down and dirty clean out.  We are in what I would call a "downsizing" phase of our lives.  We just have so much stuff and I feel like we can't get to what needs to be done due to all the stuff.  The goods news is that after a couple of trips to Goodwill and Half-Price Books, I am feeling alot lighter.  

Back to spring cleaning.  It can be tackled easily with alittle preparation.

1. Make a plan.

  • What are the areas you need/want to handle?
This is a view of our master bath closet.  I am not sure how it got this way, but it is first on the list!

2. Enlist help.
  • Everyone will benefit, everyone should help.
3. Gather your supplies.
  • Boxes for donation, cleaning supplies.
***Tip:  Keep a notepad handy to keep a list of items that need to be replaced (think cold medicine)

After you have hit all the areas in you wanted to get to, I don't consider the job done until all of the things you wanted to get rid of are gone.  Below are a list of ideas on where unwanted/unneeded items might get a second life.

  • Blankets/Coats - check with local shelters 
  • Old Towels - check with your local animal shelters
  • Plastic Grocery Bags - your grocery store typically recycles these, mine makes them into benches
  • Pens, Paper, Office Supplies - your child's school might be happy to take those off your hands 

**Tip: Not sure if anyone could use it, google it!

I'll be living some additional tips on the Facebook page (Cynfully Wonderful)  over the next couple of weeks.  Head on over and give us a like so you don't miss anything.

Good Luck!!



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