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Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is less than a week away, what do you have planned?

Below are my top 5 ideas for what to get Mom.

1.  Something she needs.

I know that Mom always says that she doesn't need anything, but does she want something that would make her life easier?  For example, my parents (and I) are headed to Europe this summer, and because I am positive that she will not read this before Sunday, I am getting her something that she will need while we are over there, so she can keep her phone charged (I didn't really give it away, just in case)  

2.  Gift card for her favorite salon.

She can get her hair done on you.  Going to the salon for a cut & color is always makes me feel refreshed, what would make it better?  Someone else paying.

3.  Make her a meal.

My Mom and I have a running joke, when we are talking about going out to eat one of will typically say "well it was nice to have someone make dinner and do the dishes"  and it is.  Don't forget to clean up the kitchen.

4.  Spend the day with her.

Have her make a list.  Plant flowers.  Clean her house (this should be a GROUP effort). Cook dinner together.  Anything she wants.

5.  Write her a letter.

Tell her how much you love her.  Tell her how she has influenced your life.  Let her know why you are proud of her.  Tell her all the ways you are like her.  This gift should be paired with either wine, flowers or both.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone.  



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