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A Ghost Returns in Time for Halloween

Our New House on Move-In Day.  Please ignore the weeds they are gone now!  

I need to apologize.  I have gone (almost) completely ghost over the past couple of months. 
We had so much going I don’t feel like I can even put it into words.
I mean really. In the past few months, there has been a wedding, a funeral, an epic vacation,
oh and we packed our whole house and moved to another one.  I feel like I have been on a treadmill.
Like our lives were put on hold, yet still in constant motion. It has been worth it, but I missed this creative part
of my life more than you can imagine. It is usually my stress reliever, and I am happy to have it back,
even if I have to write and create among the remaining boxes, and trips to the
laundromat (more on this later). 
It has been worth it, we are stupid happy in our new home and are having a blast making
it ours (you know things like a new washer and dryer).  

I’m glad to be back just in time to get ready for the holidays.  

Much More to Come..



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