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Quick Halloween Treats and a Frosting Review

Every year the company that I work has a Halloween party, it is kinda a tradition, people dress up, we decorate pumpkins and eat salsa (best part of the tradition).  I always try and make something cause it is alittle potlucky, but it always hard because it is on Friday and you know that making treats after working all day, making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and all the other fun stuff that comes with weeknights is hard.  That is why the grocery store makes cupcakes.  They get it, and so do I.

These are easy.  One trip to Walmart (and yes I suggest Walmart because they will have candy melts and edible eyes, sorry, it is just how it is), and you are done with the shopping.

I got the idea for the "FrankyHoHos" from So Yummy, although they used swiss cake rolls and now I cannot find the link.  Below is what you will need

  • HoHo or Swiss Cake Rolls (I had 20 individual) 
  • Green candy melts
  • Purple decorating sugars or jimmys
  • candy corn
  • edible eyes
  • tube of black icing 

Here is how I made them, and I apologize if someone finds the recipe and I didn't do it right!

  • Line 2 cookie sheets with wax paper, and keep them close
  • Unwrap snack cakes
  • Melt the candy melts (lol)
  • Pour sugars/jimmys into a bowl (something you can dip into)
  • Open eyes and candy corn
  • Dip snack cakes into candy melts (1/3 to 1/2 of the cake should be covered)
  • Dip top in sugars/jimmys (for 'hair')
  • Put on the eyes
  • Repeat with all the snack cakes
  • Add the candy corn on the sides (for ears)
  • Repeat with all the snack cakes
  • Use the icing to make a line for the mouth
The Mummy Brownies came from the lovely ladies over at Pretty Providence.  They will explain it better than me.  I will give you my tips for making this a easy weeknight project.  Bake the brownies the night before and use canned frosting.

Speaking of frosting....This stuff is the best!  It is alittle sticky because it has marshmallow in it, but it is work it.  Delicious.  I did a happy dance when I saw it at the store.  Buy it.  Eat it with teddy grahams.

Happy Halloween Witches!!



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