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Making the Most of 2020

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2020, it seems like 2019 went by in the blink of eye, and overall it ended up being a pretty good year.  I feel like our entire lives changed last year and we survived and ended up better that we could have thought.  I  am so excited to continue to keep moving upward this year.  

As always I am viewing 2020 as a blank slate, I even started a vision board.  With all the good (and bad) that came last year I felt like I was just reacting to things, get through what I was doing and then moving on to the next thing.  I want 2020 to be more organized, more thought driven.

Again this year I'm not resolutions, I am making goals. Goal #1 - make it through the year without losing my mind!  lol

Okay, let's get serious.

#1 - Continue to eliminate processed foods from our diets.  We have been doing pretty good.  But, we are going to up our game this year!

#2 - Continue to make our home little greener, environmental friendly.  Now that we finally have the space, we are putting in a garden this summer and their composting plans.  Very exciting.

#3 - Get Healthier.  Noticed I did not say "lose weight" - cutting back on the processed foods will help with this and we have already started taking a yoga class (even Hubs!)

#4 - Tons of remodeling/decorating things for the new house.  I will not bore you with the list as long as my arm list of those, but I am sure you will know how much I am getting done by checking out Instagram.  

Enough about me, I wanna know what you guys are planning for 2020.....


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