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My Favorite Things In January

Can you believe that it is the middle of February already?  Don't get me wrong, I love that winter is flying by, but I am obviously not getting anything done.  That is why we are almost out of February and I'm just getting to January's favorite things.  Here we go...

Bert & Ernie

We decided that it was time to love again.  These 2 dudes keep us (and each other) entertained!

Starbucks Creamer

Delicious, creamy.  The best part?  The cost is less than one drink at Starbucks.  
Easy to find at your local grocery store.

Below Deck on Bravo

A true guilty pleasure.  The crew of a mega yacht!


I do not have an pictures because I try to be really respectful of the space.  But, Hubs is taking it with me and we but already noticing a difference.

That is all I have for you!  Have a Great Week!


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