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Corona, Corona, Corona

I have been trying to not get worked up about the Coronavirus. 

I really have.

I only bought hand soap and toilet paper, because we needed hand soap and toilet paper.

I did stock up alittle on wipes.  I will admit to that.

Also, I tried to buy more hand sanitizer, but I failed.  I did look up how to make it home, turns out I have everything to make it, that's weird.  But, I haven't needed to make any yet.

I was limiting my hand washing lecturing to Hubs, and my parents.  

I've been trying not to watch the news much, to keep my anxiety at bay.

It's not working anymore.  It is starting to mess with March Madness.  Cancel the St. Patrick's Day parades, let college kids take classes from home, don't mess with March Madness.  

All kidding aside, the announcement earlier today that they are going to play the tournament but without fans, was shocking.  Fans make the tournament, but I get it.  Parents are going to want college kids to take a road trip watch a weekend full of exciting basketball.  It won't feel the same, but what are you going to do.

I think alot of us are on the fence.  I know that I'm confused.  How worried should we be?  Do we put our lives, hobbies and jobs on hold until this passes?  

I know that I'm young and health enough that I could get over it.  Could I have it and not know?  Could I give it to my parents?  Can the cats get it?  

In the middle of writing this, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced that they have the virus, you cannot travel to Europe for 30 days, and the NBA has suspended games.  Crazy!

So many questions, so little answers.

I know that this was no informative, funny or something good to eat, but some a girl just needs to vent!




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