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My Self-Quarantine Playlist

I am self quarantining myself this weekend, mostly because everything I wanted to do has been cancelled.  While I deep clean my kitchen and and bathrooms, I am gonna need some entertainment, and I thought, maybe you would need some to.  I've broken it down to 4 categories.  I have limited the platforms to Hulu, Netflix, and just regular TV.  Let's Get Started!

Favorites  - things I've seen and love                                                     

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Hulu - young Helen Hunt and SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker)
Heathers - Hulu - Christian Slater, smells like high school to me
National Lampoon's Vacation - Hulu - Classic, silly bellying laughing
Life As We Know It - Netflix - better known as the only Katherine Heigl movie I like
Plus One - Hulu - romantic comedy, lots of weddings
Dumplin - Netflix - Dolly Parton fans rejoice!
Alway's be my Maybe - Netflix - I have watched it 4 times, need I say more?
High Fidelity - Hulu 
Yellowstone - I'm watching on Peacock, but you might be able to watch on-demand

Binge Worthy

Justified - Hulu - Timothy Olyphant, swoooon...
Bob's Burgers - Hulu - calming, trust me
The Office - Netflix - duh.  (check out @theofficeladies podcast for behind the scenes scoop) 
Parks and Recreation - Netflix - double duh.
Schitt$ Creek - Netflix - hilarious
Working Moms - Netflix - great, don't have to be a mom to dig it
Cheer - Netflix - WATCH IT - it will suck you in
Game Face - Hulu - British comedy, it will literally make you LOL
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Hulu - this is new but very cute

New to Me

Betty White Documentary - Netflix 
Good Girls - Netflix
Marriage Store - Netflix - I know, I know
Dirty John - the podcast was tremendous 
Dirty John Betty 

Guilty Pleasures

My 600 lb Life - TLC - No need to explain
90-Day Fiance - TLC - I cannot even explain it, K1 Visas, overseas trips
Life Below Zero: Port Protection - Nat Geo - people living in Alaska - terrific

What are you gonna watch? Hit me up on Twitter (@cyndic88) and let me know!



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